These are the best kept secret in Hollywood. They are the lifeblood of a story, the visual blueprint of a project, and the director’s best friend. I’ve been blessed to have been creating storyboards for over 20 years.  




Often more detailed in nature than storyboards, illustration usually encompasses a one off piece done for a client. Sometimes these works are published in books or posters while in other cases they were commissioned as proof of concept only to help sell the project idea to a client.



I love looking at other artist’s sketches. They are typically loose in nature and done solely for enjoyment, not a commission. This is how you tell how good an artist really is. Unfinished, raw and without fluff.



My dream as a young boy was to become a comic book artist. That lasted until my late teens when I found out they unfortunately aren’t compensated well for what they do. Hence why I entered the field of film and storyboards instead. Regardless, comics completely influenced the artist I am today and I still love this quintessential story telling medium.


character design

This is often an important and necessary a step for projects to imagine what the main characters will look like before proceeding further. Usually many iterations are completed before settling on the final design.


graphic design

When simplicity, elegance, form and function come together, they create a good design. Most often the final design ends up as a vector file (illustrator, eps, svg, etc…). This allows for the design to be “resolution independent,” meaning it will have the ability to printed at any size, including a billboard, with razor sharp imagery. All of the images you see below are vector files, though they may have started off as a traditional sketch.