Tuscan Towns

Lance laspina montalcinohilltop

Montalcino in southern Tuscany

Lance laspina montalcinosunset 02

Sunset as seen from the walls of Montalcino

Lance laspina montalcinopolizia 01

The "carabinieri" of Montalcino

Lance laspina montalcinodoor 01

One of Montalcino's beautiful wood carved doors

Lance laspina montalcinodoor 02

A close up detail of the previous photograph

Lance laspina italia2014 iphone montepulciano 20

One of the main piazzas inside Montepulciano.

Lance laspina italy2010 sangimignano 13

The main piazza of San Gimignano

Lance laspina volterra 01

The beautiful Tuscan hilltop town of Volterra